Can I let you in on a secret weapon of creative brands?

Producers, artists, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and thought leaders come to me for beautiful marketing photos.

But the thing they all talk about is how their photo shoot experience with me made them feel. 


Many also say that the experience of viewing themselves through my lens has empowered them to be their best selves . I think it’s because when someone is in front of my camera (or soul) , I see how beautiful they are, and what makes them unique. 

When someone looks at you with that deep acceptance and reverence, how can that not help you be your best self?  Be. Be You. 


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Personal Brand Photography is telling the story of your brand through magazine-quality photos.  

And it’s also creating a photo shoot experience where you feel really good in your skin, and at home in front of my camera. 

Because when you are at your best, it helps me be my best. You then are able to serve your clients more effectively.  A personal brand Photoshoot is WINGS . It helps you fly to wherever you want to be next. 


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When is it a good idea to invest in Personal Brand Photography?

I photograph artists, musicians , makers , entrepreneurs, and public figures who want timeless and authentic photos for their website, social media platforms, PR and marketing.

Some of my clients are influencers and creatives who always need more photos so I have plenty of options to help you get started. 

Some have a pressing project – a book launch, a new program, a rebrand – that’s driving their curiosity to explore new branding photos for themselves.




What’s included in a Personal Brand Photography photo shoot?

My job is to make sure you have a photo shoot experience that makes you feel really good – beautiful, confident, and present in your body – so I can capture that emotion on camera and deliver great photos that convey the feeling and story of your brand.  

All Banding Experience photo shoots are a full day, shot on location or in a professional studio, somewhere in the world where you and I both want to be (think San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Florence…).  

Or maybe your work is about slowing down and recognizing the sacred in the everyday – let’s go on your front porch in the afternoon when the sun begins to set, illuminating you and your dog in a golden glow… i let you be you, and my camera and I take care of the rest. 


Brand Photographer Florida

The point is, this is a custom-tailored experience, designed with one goal: get you comfortable, relaxed and being yourself in front of my camera, so I can capture what makes you unique. (If you don’t like having your picture taken, that’s okay. Many of my clients have told me that their photo shoot experience with me was the first time they ever felt like themselves in front of the camera. I’ve got you . )


• PreProduction call with Monica to style the story of your brand and plan your photo shoot experience 

• Editorial plan to capture 5-7 “stories” at your shoot – each with a unique location and look

• Wardrobe advice and styling

• White glove, no fuss logistics – I handle your schedule, transportation and eats for your shoot (you don’t lift a finger!)

• Pro hair and makeup artist for the day

• Deceptively casual direction to look and feel your best in front of the camera

• 100+ color-perfected ready-to-use images for your website, social media and PR within 2 weeks of your shoot – plus select your 5 favorite “big money shots” for me to optimize in Photoshop


Curious about personal brand photography? 

Photoshoots are fully customizable and booked 3-12 months in advance.

You can meet me where I am currently shooting or we can come up with another plan. Thats how this brand thing works :)


Lets talk today


Packages start at $5,000