"West Palm Beach welcomes New York Photographer , Monica Fish " 




"you be you. it helps me be me. "~monica fish | Antique Honey owner & founder


Antique Honey is a full service art services and creative direction firm working originally in the big apple, Monica Fish has two bases in  NYC and Southern Florida regions.

We travel worldwide to consult and collaborate on your story and where you are headed. More important than who you are, who you want to be.


Monica Fish is the eye behind the lens and the creator of Antique Honey. It all started off very small as a boutique art services firm specializing in modern vintage photography and grew rapidly as she expanded from NYC production studios, sound stages,  and film sets that no longer served her time and energy appropriately.


"As I evolved into the artist who wanted more of my art + soul and lots of the flow I worked to understand what other creatives are also in need of support with expressing their vision  - and I  wanted my company and life to reflect just that.  the flow and nurturing buzz of the still magic in daily life and the creation process itself " ~monica fish


Each soul is different, and eat beat is different. Our job is to make a symphony of dreams into a reality by meeting you at your minds eyes vision.


We are focused on telling the story of you. curating your reasons through content that makes sense. 


Antique Honey helps artist, musicians, festivals, movements, nonprofits, movies, brands,  lifestyle, wellness entrepreneurs thrive through spot on branding & visual representation  , and powerful content connection. 


As a full service production house, with a team of photographers, directors,  videographers, locations, production coordinators and editors Antique Honey makes sure job flows like honey with results and soul drive purpose . We collaborate with a community of creatives to produce styled shoots and campaigns .

Specializing in content creation packages with prop styling for venues, food, fashion and festivities. Monica takes care all of the photography planning and execution based on each vision – her personal touch is in the details of each project.




Antique Honey is a full service production  lifestyle photography company focused on storytelling, as the moments unfold. 




welcome to the hive. 

Antique Honey was created with one mission: to capture love  - lighting in a bottle  - directly out of source. 

Within our studio we aim to to create meaningful { individual & family }  heirlooms.  Through curation with our simple artistic portraiture as well as full production music videos and features, we achieve the result of capturing this moment ... all with the same care .

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free flowing,
bathed in light

artistically composed

soul driven 

storytelling cinematic love

for the art at H E A R T
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